HCM for companies with up to 1000 employees

A single solution for all your HR needs.

All-in-one HCM built for medium-sized organisations

Payroll, HR, time, and talent are all key parts of your organisation and the daily life of employees — shouldn’t one system connect them all? ADP delivers HCM (Human Capital Management) via a single platform that unites all aspects of the employee lifecycle, and streamlines workflows while empowering staff.

Access the data you need to make the right decisions

Better management starts with better information. ADP’s HCM solution delivers reports and analytics that can help shape more efficient operations and refine strategic decisions.

With easy, secure access to accurate data for headcount, turnover, overtime costs, and other metrics, the platform delivers the insights leaders need to make smarter and more data-based decisions.

Save time and increase accuracy with a unified database for all HR information

ADP’s all-in-one solution means there is one version of all your employee, payroll, and HR data in a single place you can rely on for accurate information.

Reduce HR workloads and minimise errors

Streamlined and standardised HR processes make it easier for you to stay in compliance, and reduce administrative costs. Combined with our service and compliance expertise, your systems and process will stay ahead of regulatory changes. You can also reduce a part of your HR workload by outsourcing your payroll services with us.

Save time with employee self-service

With self-service features for managing personal information like home address and bank account details, ADP’s platform reduces overheads and empowers employees. It also fosters a more collaborative environment between employees and managers, in which employees can initiate leave and absence requests.

Rely on ADP’s compliance expertise for peace of mind

ADP continuously monitors legislative changes that could affect you, and updates all aspects of the HCM platform accordingly. This even includes staying ahead of fast-changing local regulations that are monitored by in-market experts who track and understand payroll and tax regulations. As a result, you can operate confidently knowing you are always up-to-date with the latest information.

Our local experts also deliver insights into new and changing regulations that could impact various other aspects of your business, including employment, tax, salaries, working hours, and statutory leave.

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