ADP® Vista HCM

Secure, accurate, consistent, and compliant cloud-based payroll software.

ADP® Vista — a simple way to run your payroll

ADP Vista offers organisations of all sizes and industries a hassle-free, highly secure end-to-end payroll solution. It simplifies payroll processes, provides accurate calculation of employees’ pay and complies with the laws and regulations of your local statutory boards.

ADP Vista comes with a secure mobile-responsive Employee Self-Service (ESS) portal, so that every employee can track their leave and pay anytime, from anywhere. It helps businesses to be more efficient and to save costs, while providing better time management and helping to adopt better payroll practices to contribute towards your business’ growth.

ADP® Vista features

Designed using powerful payroll software and backed by many years of expertise, ADP Vista delivers the highest levels of data security, privacy, compliance, and peace of mind for you. Through the Employee Self-Service portal, every employee can track their pay anytime, anywhere.

Calculate payroll accurately, every time

Allow HR and payroll managers to run payroll with confidence, including exceptions, time-sheets, and other employee information, without errors.

Automated updates on payroll legislation

Process all the mandatory and optional statutory deductions for your country, and receive fiscal year-end income tax information for all employees.

Keep employee data safe and private

Ensure accurate, timely and secure end-to-end payroll, from an employee’s joining date to final settlement. All communications including monthly inputs and approvals are done within our highly secure portal. It also provides real-time visibility to team support and change requests.

Create payslip documents for easy access

The Employee Self-Service portal is a device-responsive portal that allows both HR and employees to view their payslip and reimbursement claims and manage their own leave anytime, anywhere, both on PC and mobile devices.

Generate reports to run your business

ADP Vista provides a wide array of reports that help your organisation make faster decisions. Available reports include: monthly payroll processing, bank file/payslip upload, salary general ledger, statutory report, customised monthly payroll report, and final pay calculation.

The benefits of one system of record, for all your employees

Improved payroll efficiency – simplify processes and increase productivity

Reduce payroll cost – saving time and cost for your organisation

Peace of mind – secure data privacy and protection

Easy set-up – smooth transition to new system to ensure business continuity

Better-informed employees – help employees to feel engaged, empowered and in control

Contribute to business growth – networking and insightful reports to help your business grow further

ADP Vista features

ADP Vista helps businesses to be more efficient and reduce costs, providing better time management and enabling payroll best practices.

Payroll calculations

Get accurate and compliant payroll processing to ensure that every time you run payroll you also pay your in-country statutory contributions, taxes and other payments that may be required. At ADP, our experts leverage our reliable payroll software to run all payroll tasks for you accurately, on time, and in compliance.

Employee and manager portal

Employees and managers have access to a single system of record to increase productivity and reduce errors. The portal provides for these activities:

  • View and download payslips
  • Review employee pay information by HR manager
  • Leave and absence application and workflow management
  • Organisation chart in leave module
  • Employee information for HR managers
  • Payroll reports for payroll manager

A simple way to run your payroll

Ideal for organisations of any size across multiple industries and multinational offices, ADP Vista was designed with years of experience working closely with our user experience and subject-matter experts.

The result? A simple way to run your payroll solution that:

  • Saves time and is easy to use
  • Is accurate, compliant and reliable
  • Scales up or down according to your needs
  • Delivers information for analysis and business reporting
  • Supports add-ons for even more flexibility

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