AO World talks us through their HCM transformation strategy.

Due to AO’s rapid growth, the AO Payroll Team required a software solution to cover a wide range of objectives, both technical and strategic.

We looked at many other solutions, but at the end of the day, ADP’s iHCM2 was the only solution that met our requirements and delivered the best solution for our needs.

Graham Pugh, Group Payroll Manager
AO/AO World


  • Onboarding new staff quickly and accurately
  • Increased levels of data to process digitally
  • Streamlining of processes and disparate systems.

How ADP helped:

The ADP iHCM 2 solution has allowed AO to create a single, real-time, fully integrated system that fits with its growth strategy and streamlines process variations. The payroll component of the solution delivers a secure, reliable, and efficient payroll that accurately reflects AO’s requirements, ensuring employees are paid the correct amount at the correct time.

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