Providing global payroll expertise to MNCs with Shared Services Centres

Providing global payroll expertise to MNCs with Shared Services Centres

Discover how we support multinationals with payroll compliance, audits and managing staff

ADP wins HRM Asia Readers' Choice Awards

Discover ADP payroll services 
ADP wins HRM Asia Readers' Choice Awards

What’s changing for Shared Services Centres

After COVID-19 shifted from pandemic to endemic, companies have turned their focus back towards growth.

You may be a multinational just starting the journey towards digital transformation, or some way down the track with a partially or fully automated Shared Services Centre (SSC).

As you continue navigating beyond survival to recovery, you may be considering or introducing Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to automate manual processes and reorient your remaining SSC staff towards more high-value tasks.

Why SSC and BPO are the best models for multi-country payroll

The implications of shifting from cost optimisation to a value-adding model are far-reaching. Your Shared Service Centre has the potential to become a more strategic contributor to your business. Staff could provide a broad range of advisory services, from:

  • Data analysis
  • To improving end-to-end employee experiences from hire to exit
  • Managing functions such as finance and procurement
  • Ensuring in your digital roll-out that the technology works efficiently for all staff

The future is exciting and you’re probably asking yourself a lot of questions as part of this process.

HR and payroll digital transformation is not an overnight process. As a business or HR leader, you may be asking yourself how you can:

  • Improve your business processes
  • Become more relevant to your customers
  • Unlock more flexibility to pivot your business at speed
  • Use data intelligence to guide your decisions about strategic investment
  • Enter new markets or cross industry sectors in your region
  • Work with HR to build a more sustainable, future-ready workforce
  • Access global talent while managing cross-border compliance and regulatory complexity

According to our research, HR SSCs are looking beyond the three Ps of policy, process and payroll. However, the pace of change is so fast that many are struggling to keep up. Complicated, disparate systems and old tech just don’t cut it anymore when your multinational needs one workforce view and reliable data to inform decisions.

Whether your business is growing or expanding into new markets, your SSC needs to be agile enough to rapidly pivot to support both employers and staff. The new HR shared services model is more integrated, more adept at scaling and more open to partner with outside expertise, like ADP.

We provide outsourced payroll and HR expertise to both shared service centres and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) organisations. For over 70 years, we’ve been working with a range of businesses in multiple sectors to help them with their digital transformation — cutting costs and streamlining operations by automating payroll and HR processes. With us at your side, you’ll say goodbye to disparate payroll systems, and welcome one, integrated workforce view.

Together with our cloud-based technology and 1,500+ certified payroll experts, we’ll reduce time and complexity while collecting payroll and HR data. Our compliance experts will advise you about the implications of any upcoming regulatory obligations across all territories where you operate. We’ll support you with auditing, reducing your exposure to risk. Plus, our experts will manage your multicountry payroll, so you don’t have to.

Learn why Shared Service Centres and Business Process Outsourcing is the right model for global payroll.

What are the benefits of partnering with ADP 

Stop running multiple payroll systems across different territories. The inherent inefficiencies and data security risks in this approach are a common weakness amongst multinationals. We’ll help your business eradicate costs, scale faster, work smarter and boost productivity across the enterprise.

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Why ADP Global Payroll is the right fit for you

Our flagship global payroll solution is called ADP Global Payroll. Through our partnerships with leading software system providers, your company’s HR application is already integrated into ADP Global Payroll.

What does this mean for you? Global payroll employee data can pass automatically between these HR systems, so your teams can process compliant payroll efficiently:

  • Save time entering new employees’ payroll data into your HR system, as your teams no longer need to reconcile information between HR and payroll systems
  • HR data is sent from your HR application to ADP Global Payroll in minutes, informing in-country authorities so you keep up to date with local compliance laws
  • Now your HR and payroll teams can access a sophisticated and global analytics tool, so they can make informed comparisons between your existing territories and new markets, as well as details on skills gaps, resource allocations and productivity in contrast with your existing locations1.
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How ADP works with others like you

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ADP took the time to understand not only the underlying business model, but also the specifics of each circumstance of each property and each jurisdiction that Four Seasons operated in.

What Others Say

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Awards & recognition

HRM Reader's Choice Award 2023 – Best Outsourcing Solution – Gold winner

HRM Reader's Choice Award 2023 – Best Payroll Solution – Silver winner

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1. ADP, How ADP helps you uncover the critical payroll data you need for overseas expansion, 2022