Transforming HR and Payroll operations in the hospitality sector for HMSHost International

HMSHost International has been through an HR transformation over the years which required a comprehensive solution and partnership with ADP®.

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ADP has been an essential part of our business, moving us towards efficiency and success. We’ve found a trusted partner in them, and their commitment to our needs has been truly exceptional.

Kimberly DeMello, Senior Vice President, HR EMEA at Avolta


Over the years HMSHost faced many HR challenges with ‘systems’ at the heart of many of them. The biggest would be the implementation of the end-to-end enterprise solution, COVID-19 impact on the business, and the recent contract negotiations.
The first challenge HMSHost faced when partnering with ADP was the implementation of the end-to-end enterprise system, the second challenge was the impact of COVID-19 on the business.

How ADP helped:

The partnership with ADP brought about significant, measurable results for HMSHost’s HR and Payroll processes, including:

  • Time Management: Streamlined processes led to substantial time savings.
  • Cost Efficiency: Consolidated practices improved cost efficiency.
  • Efficient Staff Training: The solution simplified staff training.
  • Data Quality: Improved data quality enhanced reporting accuracy.
  • Compliance and Security: ADP’s commitment to compliance and security gave HMSHost peace of mind, reducing the risk of costly errors.

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