American Apparel centralises employee screening and payroll with ADP

American Apparel took an organisation-wide decision to centralise its employee screening and payroll processes using ADP’s BackCheck and HCM solutions.

By transferring the responsibility for payroll and employee screening to ADP we don’t have to worry about delays or errors. We trust ADP to get the job done accurately.

Dilanka Kalutota, Technical Project Manager
American Apparel


  • American Apparel sought an employee screening provider to reduce the significant administrative burden this important task imposes on the HR team.
  • The company does not use the same level of screening for all employees so the challenge was to find a provider that could enable the company to vary the level on an employee-by-employee basis.

How ADP helped:

  • A major benefit for American Apparel’s UK arm has been the amount of flexibility the implementation of ADP HCM solution and ADP BackCheck brings them.

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