Mobile Serving your growing business

Serving your growing business

Bringing enduring expertise and a service-focused mindset to boost your business.

Is your business ready for better?

Payroll experience you can rely on. From experts you can relate to.

Ambitious growing businesses need reliable payroll partnerships for the long term. If your current provider lacks the expertise or capacity to support your plans, consider making the move to ADP.

What kind of partner are we? You’ll find us at your side and in your corner.

Team up with us and you’ll never feel like you’ve simply added another outsourced service provider. You’ll gain a welcoming, consultative partner who’ll automate tasks you’ve been doing manually and push for new ways to boost your business.

mobile At your side at your service

You might know ADP for our reliable payroll and HR tech. That’s definitely us. But tech and tools alone can’t sustain any provider’s market-leading position for 70+ years. That takes a special service ethic.

Combining business-critical software with a consistent service experience, we make payroll personal.

We know we have a lot to live up to.

That’s why we approach our client relationships as deeply personal commitments – ones that have defined our partnerships with businesses like yours for decades.

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Our unique service ethos

Whether you need help optimising payroll processes or you’re gearing up to enter new markets, we’ve got the experience and perspective to guide you. With one contract for software and service to simplify your payroll – no matter how many staff you have in multiple countries.


From over 1,500 experienced payroll professionals:

  • Exceptional in-country regulatory expertise
  • Genuine commitment to your service experience
  • Unwavering advocacy for your team and employees




Specialised service

Our teams are close to wherever you’re headed next:

  • 18 service centres around the world
  • Service you can count on in 140+ countries
  • Specialised in different business sizes and sectors to offer you informed insights




Employers trust ADP to pay 40 million people worldwide:

  • Our clients stay with us for on average 11+ years
  • Clients’ likelihood to recommend ADP has grown by 340% over the last 5 years
  • Around 90% of survey comments praise individual ADP staff for their help



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Is your payroll keeping pace?
3 big changes you need to prepare for

Strategy changes

Strategy changes, mergers & acquisitions

Major strategic shifts, as well as two companies becoming one, can create potential payroll conflicts

International business expansion

International business expansion

With many firms embracing remote working, managing the complexities of varying currencies is key

Ongoing changes in payroll legislation

Ongoing changes in payroll legislation

The penalties for noncompliance are steep just as operating costs are higher than ever

Make payroll your superpower

Make payroll your superpower

For payroll that’s agile, adaptable, resilient and ready for any change or challenge your business can throw at it …

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With ADP as your payroll partner,
good things start to happen

Speedy implementation

Welcome! We’ll get you set up with ADP

  • We gather your requirements, collect your data and set up your new system
  • We test and check everything’s going smoothly at each stage
  • We help you connect your HR system of record with ADP’s payroll solution
Go live with ADP

Our ongoing service teams take over

  • Enjoy a direct relationship with your specialist ADP team
  • Proactive communication and honest conversations
  • Prioritising regulatory compliance and integrity
Flexible learning

To make the most of your ADP technology

  • Virtual, instructor-led and self-paced sessions
  • Flexible, personalised delivery, using your data and work rules
  • ‘On-time’ learning, anticipating the needs of your user groups
Client community

Exclusive access to ADP expertise and peer advice

  • Build your network with thousands of HR and payroll professionals in mid-sized firms
  • Full access to a knowledge base of FAQs
  • Suggest product enhancements and shape our long-term partnership

Services that scale and flex around your business

Regulatory compliance

Regulatory compliance

Expertly navigate cultural and legislative changes when entering new markets

  • Our dedicated legal watch teams monitor changes to labour legislation across the globe
  • We deliver legal bulletins directly to our clients (some 2000 such bulletins in 2021 alone)
  • We decipher legislation to help you see the effect on your payroll operations





Payroll system integration

Gain one single workforce view and user experience across your payroll and ERP systems

  • ADP invests heavily in our partnerships with popular human capital management (HCM) vendors
  • Your teams enter new employees’ payroll data into your HR system, reducing the time spent reconciling information
  • Integrated payroll data helps you develop HR policies and strategies that benefit your people


Data security

Protecting employee data takes the combined and diverse skill sets of a world-class team

  • 300+ professionals dedicated to the security and privacy of your employee information
  • ADP is one of only a few Fortune 500 companies with a truly global converged security program
  • We collaborate with international and federal law enforcement agencies (Europol, FBI, U.S. Secret Service, National Cyber Security Alliance)



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How ADP partners with our clients

Integrity in (inter)action – complying with regulations, keeping your data clean and holding ourselves accountable

Award-winning expertise | at your service

Global Payroll Supplier of the Year 2023
The GPA Global Payroll Awards

Second consecutive year

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Five consecutive years

Leader in NelsonHall Payroll Services NEAT Assessment

8 consecutive years

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