Good things happen when you bring payroll and HR together

Discover the benefits of one system for pay and HR

Payroll and HR: A winning combination

Pay is at the heart of your business, motivating and engaging your people. But it’s also the foundation of many business decisions – covering everything from finance to operations, people performance to strategic growth.

This free interactive guide by ADP looks at the potential for one integrated payroll and HR platform to help engage your people, streamline your operations and grow your business.

FREE interactive guide

How to make good things happen

A single platform for payroll and HR can help you realise the ambition to invest in your operations, people and technology across both finance and HR.

Simplify management – spend less and get more


Explore the benefits for both finance and HR of managing pay and people together across your business.

Scale and manage resources – bringing payroll and HR together


Uncover how a rapidly-implemented cloud platform can help finance and HR scale operations to grow the business.

Strengthen resilience and increase performance to drive your business forward


Discover how bringing pay and people together can strengthen performance and insights for both finance and HR.

One platform to drive your HR digital transformation

ADP’s iHCM solution combines payroll and HR to transform your business in three main stages:

Start with Payroll

All you need to run accurate, automated payroll.

One simple, efficient and secure solution to process your payroll confidently:

  • Payroll expertise to keep your company up to date with statutory regulations
  • A single view of your workforce
  • Stronger security and privacy

Pay + HR

Manage the complete employee lifecycle more efficiently, by bringing together payroll and HR.

Avoid complex, costly and time-consuming integrations so you can:

  • Streamline end-to-end processes to boost productivity
  • Deliver a reliably consistent employee experience
  • Better support new ways of working and more dynamic workplace structures

Pay + HR + Talent + Analytics

Create high-performing teams by integrating analytics and talent management with other HR functions and payroll.

It empowers you to improve:

  • People engagement by creating a more transparent and collaborative working environment
  • People performance and development by matching skills gaps with learning opportunities
  • Talent attraction by fostering the right culture and opportunities

Discover how you can seamlessly manage your payroll and HR on one, scalable, compliant platform, accessible on any device.


How ADP works with others like you

Payroll with HR, time, talent and analytics

Work smarter with one system for payroll and HR

ADP® iHCM is a cloud-based platform that simplifies Payroll and HR management in one scalable, compliant solution. It’s accessible from any device.

Start with payroll and then add what’s right for your business from our ready-to-go editions. You can then enhance your chosen edition with a range of optional modules and integrations that best fit your business needs. Easy to implement and cost efficient, now there's a single system to manage your company's payroll and employee time, training, talent and recruitment management.