Why We Work: An ADP Inquiry

Creating an elevated workplace experience in your organisation

As work continues to evolve, ADP has made a unique commitment to understanding the world of work and helping organisations large and small, around the world, engage their people and thrive.

Our multi-year, multi-faceted research programmes are uncovering what drives the evolving world of work and this paper draws on insights from multiple studies.

Along the way we have learned that anyone can find meaning in their work and that every job can be its own reward. But only a minority of people actually achieve this – true engagement is as rare as it is valuable. For many people work remains a means to an end, either basic economic stability or enabling their true passion in life outside of work.

Despite this, people have a deeply emotional and complex relationship with their work, so at the start of our 70th year we started a new conversation, asking ourselves and our communities “what are you #working for?”

We wanted to understand why we work, the role it plays in our lives and how the technology that supports the interaction between employee and employer changes as the workplace evolves.

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